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What is Pandora's Wallet?

Pandora's Wallet is a wallet service built to work with as many different cryptocurrencies as possible.

Pandora's Wallet

Pandora´s Wallet is a virtual wallet, which allows a new way of managing cryptocurrencies. You can manage your different virtual currencies, sell and buy; all in the same platform.


Pandora´s Wallet has the ability to manage your portfolio and, automate the process of trading. It is also a lightweight wallet because it does not download the blockchain, it connects to a server provided by Davinci Codes.


Pandora´s Wallet will be directly connected to different exchanges and in its first version will support the most popular 50 virtual currencies.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best practices when using Pandora´s Wallet?

Pandora´s Wallet uses a password to encrypt your keys on the file system; thus, it is best to do a file backup and keep a copy of your 12-word backup phrase. Should you forget your password, you can use your 12-word backup phrase to restore your wallet.

How can I get support for Pandora's Wallet?

You must log in to the website; the email to contact us will be shown in the user panel.

Prices are subject to change without notice based on purchase power of Bitcoin.


Sign up to try out Pandora's Wallet and access a 30-day free trial period. Special telegram lifetime membership offer no longer available.
Subscriptions range from 1 month to 5 years.

Why should I pay for Pandora´s Wallet if there are so many free wallets?

Pandora´s Wallet is more than just a cryptocurrency wallet; it allows you to exchange your currencies on exchanges. Pandora´s Wallet will also be supporting many types of cryptos with the ambitious goal of supporting them all.


Which currencies will be supported first?

We will be supporting all the currencies in Bittrex exchange first, then adding other currencies from a different exchange which will be decided upon later.


Why Bittrex first?

We believe Bittrex has a long history and its trusted by the community in general.


When trading on Pandora´s Wallet, are the trades instant?

No, there is a delay imposed by the exchange when transferring cryptocurrencies. It depends on the confirmation policy that the exchange has, and the speed of the cryptocurrency network.


Why is there only one address for each currency?

Pandora´s Wallet is primarily a trader’s wallet; using one address makes it easier for traders. Some exchanges require only one address for traders.


Is Pandora´s Wallet supported on phones?

No, currently we don’t have support for phones. It may be possible in the future.


What operating systems are supported by Pandora´s Wallet?

Currently only Windows 8 and up. However, we plan to support Ubuntu and Mac OS.


Is Pandora´s Wallet only for traders?

No, anyone can use it. It’s a great wallet for storing many types of cryptocurrency under one key.


If I lose my data on my hard drive can my wallet be restored?

Yes, your wallet can be restored. You must have your 12-word backup phrase and/or your back up file.


What happens if you lose your backup file and your 12-word backup phrase?

You are responsible for securing a copy of your backup file and your keys, failing to do so Davinci Codes is unable to help you restore your wallet.